Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mike Flanagan's Oculus follow up scores distribution

Director Mike Flanagan's Oculus opens next week, but the up-and-coming horror director already has another film in the can, and that flick was just picked up for North American release by Relativity Media.

Oh, the movie is called Somnia, for the record.

This shows Relativity has confidence in Flanagan, as the distributor is unleashing Oculus to great word of mouth. No idea yet on when Somnia will hit screens, but if Oculus does well, I doubt we'll be waiting long.

As for Somnia, the flick stars Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane in a story about an orphaned child who's dreams and nightmares take physical form while he sleeps.

And we complain there are no new ideas out there. Flanagan has 'em, and his flick Absentia is proof of that. If you haven't seen it, Basementites can check it out on Netflix.

Bring on Oculus and Somnia!

Source: ScreenDaily
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