Thursday, April 24, 2014

Matt Bellamy versus The Raid 2

Yesterday I drove down to the Langley Colossus to see The Raid 2, which may seem like a crazy endeavour, but was totally worth it.

This is easily one of the best action movies I have ever seen! I have a feeling that, years from now, when people are talking about what they believe is the best action flick of all time, The Raid 2 will no doubt be mentioned alongside Die Hard, Predator and Terminator 2.

The first Raid felt like an appetizer compared to the sequel. Confined in a single building, it was 90 minutes of pure ass-kicking adrenaline. This one, however, stretches its legs, heads out into the seedy Jakarta underworld, and wallops you with over two and half hours of broken bones, gun-shot wounds to the face, innumerable stabbings, and mutilations via claw hammer.

If you are not particularly a fan of bloody violence, then you should keep your distance from this beast because it is BRU-TAL! I can honestly say I have never seen a more violent mainstream movie, and I'm shocked it was able to get a theatrical release with the minimal cuts it was given.

Hollywood needs to take note -- this is how you make an action blockbuster. It only took $5 million, and I'd say it looks about a millions times better than any Transformers or Fast and Furious movie out there. It even has a better car chase!

It's too bad people are so narrow minded that they immediately turn away from a subtitled movie. But for those who actually have a brain cell or four, and love action movies, they need to stop what they're doing and watch this immediately. A Good!
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