Thursday, March 20, 2014

The zombie apocalypse hits the road in Wyrmwood

Mad Max meets the Zombies, or something.

Wyrmwood is an indie Australian zombie flick. How indie? It’s funding came via an Indiegogo campaign, and they shot scenes as they raised the budget, hoping to continue to raise enough money to finish the film.
A fresh take on our favourite rotting villains, Wyrmwood follows Barry, who’s life was torn apart during the zombie apocalypse (which I personally read as “His family was literally torn apart during the zombie apocalypse") and who has now hit the road in Mad Max style to battle the hoards.

You - “Hey, I thought you said this was a fresh take!”

Me - I’m not done!  Check out the trailer below!  The zombies emit fumes or something that Barry is using for fuel!  Yeah!  Capture the zombies and your car can be fuelled by the undead -- and I’m hoping that’s just the beginning of it.

While it would appear that it’s too late to reap the cool rewards that they were offering to campaign funders, you can still look forward to the film, which is supposed to be released sometime in early 2014.

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