Saturday, March 8, 2014

Jason versus Gravity

Much adieu has been made about director Alfonso Cuaron's sci-fi/adventure Gravity. Most heralded the film an experience best enjoyed on the big screen. Given it's almost a cold day in hell that sends me to a multiplex, I dared catch this visually impressive film in a darkened home theatre, the sound cranked. How does it hold up? Stick with me!

A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

Yes, Gravity would've been quite the spectacle in a cinema, especially in IMAX and sure, even in 3D. It's one of the few movies where the third dimension is an asset and not a gimmick. Would I still be willing to pay three extra dollars to see it? No. No movie is worth three extra dollars and a pair of stupid plastic glasses.

But a good movie is a good movie no matter where you watch it. If a movie is good enough it'll play at home, on an airplane, or even an iPhone. Fortunately for Gravity, it's a good movie.

I get the haters. There's not a lot to Gravity other than a simple survival story and a couple of actors. If you dislike Sandra Bullock, then you'll probably dislike Gravity. It's her show. That's right George Clooney fans, he's not the star here, and I was surprised at how quickly he, um, bowed out. Spoiler alert.

Gravity is a hell of a ride though; it's as pure an adventure story as you'll ever see. And the flick is technically flawless, with Cuaron's trademark documentary style and long, long tracking shots sans cuts. Combine these and you've got an amazing visceral experience that, at a breezy 90 minutes, is easy to take again and again.

A Good.
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