Friday, March 7, 2014

Battle of the Damned, Bad Milo and The Newton Brothers interview

Talk to any self-respecting filmmaker and they'll tell you a movie's score is everything. The music sets the mood and heightens the story. Take it away, and a film doesn't work. Just ask John Carpenter, who's classic Halloween was rejected by studios until he added his landmark soundtrack.

On April 11, moviegoers will hear The Newton Brothers' latest score when they take in director Mike Flanagan's horror film, Oculus. Andy and Taylor have worked on a variety of projects, including film, TV and opera, and have a varied musical background.

Being a budding composer himself, Shawn sat down with Taylor to talk Oculus, their upcoming work on the film Somnia, and working with the legendary Danny Elfman. Whether you love movies or music, or movie music, this is an interview you don't want to miss.

But the Basement Boys aren't just about movie talk, they're reviewers first and foremost. And Jason and Shawn have a couple of movies on the chopping block that begin with the letter B. First there's Dolph Lundgren's latest action flick Battle of the Damned, which sees the big guy lead an army of killer robots against a horde of zombies. How does it play out? Stick with us!

Then ready to ass jokes as the boys take on Bad Milo, a horror/comedy about a demon living in a guy's intestines. Guess how it enters our world? You've been respectfully warned.

Wanna hear it all? Then push play on the embedded player to the right of your screen.

Our filmed entertainment:

Battle of the Damned

Bad Milo

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