Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A New Leprechaun? Where's The Advance Tickets?

Hi, Cory here, with my first post From The Basement.

Two words - Leprechaun: Origins.

And now a few words about how I feel about those two words.  AMAZING!  For those of you familiar with the Leprechaun franchise might have an image in your minds about what a new Leprechaun film would look like, take whatever you remember from the previous films and take it to the dark.  Really dark.  It would appear that writers Matt Venne and Harris Wilkinson have taken a cue from the Nightmare on Elm Street series and brought the franchise back from the realms of horror-comedy and right back to where it belongs.

Starring Rampage’s Brendan Fletcher and WWE’s own Dylan Postl as the Leprechaun (replacing Warwick Davis), this return to the origins of the Leprechaun should prove a really fun addition to the series.

Is it too much to hope for a full reboot?

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