Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kurt Russell's two bits on remakes

In particular, Kurt Russell shared his thoughts with the folks at IGN about the long gestating Escape from New York remake that still may or may not happen.

Russell has starred in at least one remake, John Carpenter's 1982 redo of The Thing, and, in my opinion, his views are bang on when it comes to remaking movies.

There’s nothing wrong with the concept of doing something. I just think that my only thing about that is, when I think of remakes — and I’ve done remakes that I didn’t think should have been done — I only think remakes make sense if you take an idea that was flawed, a script that was flawed, perhaps they didn’t have enough money to make it correctly, maybe a character or two was not particularly well-played or could be fixed. If it had a problem that you’d say, ‘God, if you just do that, that’s a great movie,’ or, ‘If that movie had so-and-so in it, it could be great! Imagine that with so-and-so in it. Imagine that done this way.’ Then that to me makes perfect sense as to why they would do a remake.

As for appearing in the new Escape from New York as Snake Plissken, Russell says no way. He believes he's too old to play the part.

You can hear our thoughts on the RoboCop remake when our next podcast arrives on Friday.

Source: IGN
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