Monday, February 10, 2014

Horror and martial arts collide in Minion

A martial arts horror movie? Now this is something we can get behind! We dig horror. We dig martial arts. Let's bring these two bad boys together and make it sing!

That's the premise behind the new movie Minion, which sees a good-bye party for a martial arts instructor go horribly wrong when it turns out said instructor is possessed. One can only imagine what comes next.

Eric Gable and Ben Bostik wrote the thing, and The Haunting in Connecticut (pictured) director Peter Cornwell helms the project. Now word yet on when it'll be released.

I liked, but certainly didn't love, The Haunting in Connecticut. Will be interesting to see how Cornwell handles the material, and if the story is played straight or not. I think there needs to be fists punched through heads and kicks that send peeps through walls, for the record.

We'll keep you posted on Minion as it heads to the big or small screen.

Source: Screen Daily
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