Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blair Witch Project co-director brings Bigfoot to SXSW

Eduardo Rodriguez is no stranger to the found-footage genre. Hell, he and Daniel Myrick pretty much invented it with The Blair Witch Project back in 1999. Now Rodriguez is at it again with the upcoming flick Exists.

Exists isn't just another Paranormal Activity or haunted-house movie though, it's a Sasquatch movie. Sure, the last found-footage Bigfoot film was The Lost Coast Tapes, but I still believe some good can come of the combination.

The movie follows brothers Brian and Matt Tover secretly sneak out to their uncle's long abandoned cabin in East Texas for a party weekend with their friends. They find themselves stalked by the legendary Sasquatch. Cut off from the world, and knowing help isn’t coming, the kids must try to make it out of the woods alive while hunted by a creature that’s smarter, stronger, and more terrifying than they would have ever believed exists.

This sounds like Rodriguez's pint of beer. I still love Blair Witch and thought his Altered and Seventh Moon were pure awesome. Exists debuts at SXSW on March 7, and hopefully we'll get a look at it soon after. The Basement is located right in Bigfoot country, so we have an invested interest in such things.

Source: Shock Till You Drop
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