Saturday, February 8, 2014

Actress and Basement friend Leah Cairns needs your help!

Our good friend Leah Cairns, (Battlestar: Galactica) has a cause.  This is hers, please help if you can!

Posted from her YouTube:

Just after their first birthdays both Savannah and Seattle were diagnosed with rare, incurable, potentially life threatening disorders. Savannah with Mitochondrial Disease and Seattle with Transverse Myelitis. Neither was expected to walk or speak yet they beat all odds and made amazing recoveries.

Unfortunately their battles are far from over. They must battle the effects of their conditions every day. And like so many other North Americans who suffer from rare or widely unknown diseases, their needs constantly fall outside of the health care system.

We'd love to get these two special girls to The Ellen Degeneres Show so we can shed some light on this problem, spread awareness about their diseases and have these two wee warriors meet one another for the first time.

On Feb 8 and 9th we intend to walk the girls to The Ellen Show studio. We have to travel 3765 miles, which is the combined distance from each girls' home to The Ellen Show studio. Will you join us? All you have to do is walk, run, bike, swim, roll or paddle as far as you can. Track your distance and then let The Ellen Show know how far you've gone. If we can 'virtually' travel the girls to her show perhaps she can ACTUALLY travel them there!

You can let her know how far you traveled on behalf of the girls by sending her a tweet @theellenshow or @TheRealEllenD


Send her a face book message


Leave her a message on her website

For more information on the walk and fundraiser please visit- and"

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