Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Suzanne Cappelletti versus The Raid: Redemption

After seeing the buzz on The Raid 2 from Sundance, I knew I had to check this one out, and holy hell I was not disappointed.

I love action movies. I mean really LOVE action movies. And I was asked what the last great one I saw was as I was watching this. That was not easy to answer, and my answer was Shoot 'Em Up because they choreographed a gunfight to Ace of Spades. Picking this was a stretch. I had to stop and think.

This is an amazing movie. No big stars that need to live. No bullshit soundtrack. No bull whatsoever. The score was driving, and just as unforgiving as this movie. A suicide mission? A man trying to move up the ladder sacrificing a rookie squad? Yes, no and all of the above. Brilliant story, believable characters... what more can I add? Oh yeah... balls out action. It's got that.

There are plot twists and turns that probably make every executive quake in his boots. This is the real deal kids. This is what we want, what we need. No cartoon where no one dies. OK maybe one or two do, but this is the real deal.

My rating is Good. Rent it. Cable it. Steal it. If you love action...this is it.

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