Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Suzanne Cappelletti versus The Bell Witch Haunting

I saw this last night on Netflix. Being a fan of ghost movies and the Bell Witch how bad could it be? Well, it can be a train wreck. First off, it's found footage. I think it's overused and a poor substitute for actual film making, but there are times it works well. This is not one of those times. Next the cast (also uncredited) just didn't fit to me, the parents seemed too young and the kids too old.

The movie itself was nothing that we haven't seen before, I understand that with the found-footage ghost house shots there isn't a whole lot more that can be done... but C'MON! You can come up with a little something can't you? No. You have your standard flickering lights, video blurring, doors closing and voices. The basics, family moves to a house in Adams TN, kid brother is filming everything and cue the above. They even included an exorcism complete with green puke.

There is nothing new here. There isn't much likable either and I tried to find something good ... nothing. Not even a jump scare. I think they all decided to go uncredited so their names wouldn't be immediately attached to it. There were a few bloody bodies, but still... This is not worth anyone's time.

I have to rate this movie UGLY, with capital U G L Y.

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