Saturday, January 11, 2014

How we roll from here

We've announced and retracted changes, breaks, and hiatuses before, and this will be the last time we do any such thing.

Yes, the hiatus mentioned last week -- and on yesterday's podcast -- is already over. The Basement resumes activity as of now.

Why? I am, as of today, among the unemployed. The daily newspaper I called home for almost 11 years has closed its doors. I am looking for work, but have ample time for the heavy rewrite on Eye See Death and The Basement.

But times are changing. The Basement is now a project done strictly for the love of it. A shits-and-giggles venture. The online movie news site/podcast business is as lucrative as newspapers -- ie, not at all, especially if you're not already established or owned by a corporation. We're not going to get rich doing this, but we're going to have a lot of fun.

No longer a first-run radio show, the podcast will be streamlined. Some reviews, an interview when we can land one, and maybe a song or two. And whatever else Shawn and I feel like doing. Feedback we've received tells us fans like to hear The Basement Boys talk jive about movies, so that's what we'll do.

Our next podcast drops Jan. 17, and features an interview with Radio Silence (pictured above) about their debut feature film, Devil's Due. This is a Basement first, as a major studio -- 20th Century Fox -- granted us access to the talent involved. We're pumped! The episode will include a review of The Art of the Steal starring Kurt Russell.

As for the site, it will be updated often, but not to any set schedule. There will no longer be written thoughts about the movies we review on the show, but we will jot down our two bits for movies watched outside the podcast. There will be movie news, but in a more editorialized form.

And if anyone wants to contribute an article or review, just hit us up via email. We'd be happy to post it, whether it's a mainstream or B-movie, horror or chick flick. All is good from here on in.

How long will all this last? Who knows. It's up to fate now.

So begins a new era in The Basement! We hope you'll stick with us!
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  1. Chick flicks, you say? Prepare for a review of Sex and the City, both the first and second film ;)

    1. Awesome! Whatever you want to roll with Kara :)