Friday, December 13, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus Exit 727 and Skinwalker Ranch

Exit 727

Shawn: Well, it has a low budget, is poorly acted, based loosely on a true story. I didn't expect much, but I know they busted their asses on it, and I can really appreciate that. For Jason, there is a beautiful scene, where workers get their revenge on their boss. Something everyone wishes for. This reminded me of our home movies, except this one was well edited and the story wasn't filled with cheese. I dug it for a watch and hope Jason gets to see boss revenge. That is about the only play for this one. It is a Bad. A low Bad.

Skinwalker Ranch

Jason: What sets this flick apart from other found-footage movies is it's slickly made with not much shaky camera work AND it's based on the real Skinwalker Ranch. I was certainly more interested in the story being told because of its grounding in “reality.” Co-writer/director Devin McGinn made and starred in The Last Lovecraft, which we reviewed a couple of seasons ago. And I've seen hot chick Erin Cahill in Boogeyman 3 and recognize Kyle Davis from a slew of movies, including The Hitcher and Friday the 13th remakes, along with The Last Lovecract. Recognizing them didn't hurt Skinwalker Ranch for me. I knew this was just another movie and could enjoy it as such. I don't know if I would seek this out again, but I would watch it if someone else like Shawn was. I know he's into the UFOs and such. It's a Bad, but it's still pretty good.
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