Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Conjuring's Annabelle doll gets her own flick

By now everyone who calls him or herself a true Basementite will have seen James Wan's spookfest The Conjuring. Shawn and I gave it another once over last weekend and the movie still packs a creepy punch.

Particularly effective is the Annabelle doll sequence that opens the movie, then comes back to haunt the Warrens toward the third act (spoiler alert). Well, enough people clearly feel the same way as Warner Bros. has greenlit a movie about Annabelle. The Conjuring's director of photography John R. Leonetti will direct.

We gather Annabelle will be a prequel of sorts to The Conjuring, fleshing out the story that opens the Scariest Movie of 2013. The film goes into production next year.

And yes, a sequel to The Conjuring is also in the works. Word has it Warner Bros. wants Wan to direct this one . . .

Stick with us!

Source: Schmoes Know
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