Thursday, November 28, 2013

Horror Hottie Month: Bounty Killer, I Declare War and the Jessica Cameron interview

What's the only thing better than one horror hottie? How about two! Which is why The Basement's Horror Hottie Month continues with a 30-minute conversation with award-winning, Canadian-born scream queen Jessica Cameron.

Jessica starred in dozens of projects before doing double duty on the horror flick Truth or Dare, which is currently earning rave reviews on the festival circuit. When Jessica wasn't being menaced in front of the camera on this dark tale, she was calling the shots behind the scenes in her directorial debut.

This scream queen is one candid chick, and the interview she had with Jason is one Basementites won't soon forget. As Jason and Shawn like to say, stick with us!

And stick around for reviews of the post-apocalyptic action/comedy Bounty Killer and the Canadian action flick I Declare War. Well, it's as actiony as a movie about 11 year olds can get. How do these two flicks stack up? Tune in tomorrow morning when the podcast goes live!

Now for a look at our fine entertainment.

Bounty Killer

I Declare War

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