Sunday, October 6, 2013

A chilling trailer for home-invasion thriller Torment

Gotta admit, this gave me chills. This is the Screamfest teaser trailer for director Jordan Barker's upcoming flick Torment, and it's pretty shorts shitting.

How so? The narration for one, the messed up masks for another. And, as a parent, the concept of children in jeopardy is enough to get under my skin. This one looks like a button pusher, and I'm down with that.

Newlyweds Cory and Sarah Morgan take Cory's 7-year old son Liam up to the country for some much needed family time. When it appears as if Liam has run away, psychological suspense becomes straight-out horror as Sarah and Cory must confront a sadistic cult-like family who have been hiding in the house and taken Liam for themselves.

Torment stars American Mary babe Katherine Isabelle, Robin Dunne and Peter DaCunha. No word yet on an official release date, but Screamfest gets underway in L.A. Oct. 8.

Source: Arrow in the Head
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