Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jason revisits Tango & Cash

Watching the movies you loved during your youth can be a risky venture but, as I've displayed during the last year, I'm up for the challenge. So how does this Sylvester Stallone/Kurt Russell vehicle hold up 24 years after the fact? Stick with me.

Two cops are framed and must clear their name, so says the Internet Movie Database. But Tango & Cash is so much more. Well, not really. Actually, it's a classic case of 80s buddy/cop movie. On steroids.

OK. Tango & Cash is entertaining. Lots of shit blows up, there's more one liners than you can shake a stick at, and Teri Hatcher is hot and in her prime (and keeps her top on). There's even the great Jack Palance as the comic-book style villain. All good.

On the bad side, the one-liners do wear thin by the time the flick's almost two-hour run time is over. And everything becomes over-the-top silly by the end. Too silly for my liking. I was almost numb by the time Tango & Cash was over.

Jack Palance sniffs rats. Just sayin'. It kinda freaked me out.

Still, this is a good flick to catch up with once in a while. And there are definitely worse 80s action movies out there. But I enjoyed Tango & Cash more in my late teens than early 40s, so this is a Bad for me.
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