Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas headed to the big screen

I'm not a huge Dean Koontz fan, but do dig his series of Odd Thomas novels. They're a nice balance of mystery, quirky comedy and horror featuring a likable hero in Odd Thomas, a young grill cook with the ability to see the dead and sense oncoming evil.

The Mummy and G.I. Joe director Stephen Sommers made a big screen adaptation of the first book, titled Odd Thomas, with Star Trek's Anton Yelchin in the title role. And Sommers backed him up with none other than the great Willem Dafoe and hottie Addison Timlin.

The flick has yet to see the light of day, but word dropped that Image Entertainment has bought Odd Thomas and intends to release it some time in 2014. Lucky you, we've got a sales trailer for the movie so fans can get a look at what Sommers and company have done with Koontz's creation.

Looks decent. Sure, the CGI is a bit much, but that's always been Sommers' weakness. Otherwise, we've got a story that holds true to the source material and a decent cast doing decent work.

What say you, Basement Dwellers? Thinking of giving Odd Thomas a look next year?

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