Monday, July 15, 2013

Shawn breaks his silence on Man of Steel

Basement fans know, or at least should know by now, that I'm a pretty big fan of anything Superman. 

It started at five years old, with my Superman sleeping bag.  So cool.

While I won't go all nostalgic, or go on and on, I will give you my pretty fucking biased opinion.

I've been collecting Superman anything for a while. including the tattoo. Haha.

So in 2006 when I saw Superman Returns, I feared a great number of changes.  In my nerd kingdom, I feared the new Supersymbol, Supersuit and the cast of the movie didn't have me convinced that they would "get it right", either.  But, after the Matrix's wicked special effects, everyone flying around doing ridiculous things, I had some hope for Superman Returns.

Then it happened.  Superman Returns stayed pretty true to the old unwavering, hands on his waist, "Truth, Justice and ..." Bla bla bla.  Boy scout. I am also a  fan of the series Smallville and its new age rendition of Superman's early years, so after seeing Superman Returns it was evident that I was longing for a new Superman.  Superman Returns didn't let me down, but it didn't feed me anything unexpected.  In fact, I enjoyed Smallville more!

That said, far before it hit the theaters, Man Of Steel projected the use of Henry Cavill.  A slightly more comic book, "jacked" version of Superman.  I needed this. I looked forward to it.  Finally, straying away from the Christopher Reeves version.  Leave it like that, as respect to the Reeves. A perfect little legacy.

Man Of Steel pretty much changed everything.


This was the Superman I was waiting for. Craving.  It needed to be changed.  It needed to be brought to the "now".  We aren't the populace that needs saving from a boy scout anymore. We are a dirty, grungy society built on fading morals and greed.  We are troubled. We raise an alien to be our "saviour", he's gonna be troubled too.

Fuckin eh!

There are those that said "SUPERMAN WOULD NEVER KILL, or ENDAGER the people he is protecting!! As he fought villains, wrecked the town and city and yes, spoiler alert, did kill.

But, Zod and his minions weren't put in "Jail" in the Reeve's version, either.  He and Lois Lane KILLED them. 

Transformers swore to protect the humans, but destroy and YES, through collateral damage from their battles, killed the very things they swore to protect.

DO the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few?  Welcome to my nerd universe, motherfuckers.  Innocent people may have died in the collateral damage of Superman's battle...but I'm sure, adjusted for inflation, they were far from innocent.

I could go on and on. if you would like to discuss further.

I hope they continue down this path with Man Of Steel and give us more of this Superman.  I definitely dig it and give it a Good.  Bitches.

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