Thursday, July 25, 2013

Catch a look at the Red Sleep TV series

It's not often The Basement gets an advanced look at a TV series, so we jump at the opportunity when we can. Thanks to the makers of the upcoming Red Sleep for bringing us up the speed on what promises to be a slick new show.

Written and directed by Andre Welsh, Red Sleep touches on the U.S.'s long history of medical experimentation on prison inmates and the pharmaceutical/military industrial complex. I know. Big words, especially for us.

Or, as the official synopsis goes: an escaped inmate makes a deal with a U.S. military drug experiment in exchange for his freedom. After taking on a new identity in Los Angeles, the drug's side effects and his past, catch up with him

Here's a trailer mofos:

RED SLEEP Trailer from Andre Welsh on Vimeo.

Red Sleep stars Chioke Jelani Clanton, Ron Kaell, Jessica Sonneborn and Don Stark. Wanna keep up with the series? Check it out on Facebook.

Source: Red Sleep

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