Friday, June 28, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus The Giant Spider and Doll Boy

The Giant Spider

Jason: See one Mihmverse movie see 'em all? Not hardly. Sure, The Giant Spider is another loving tribute to 1950s drive-in cinema, right down to the bad acting and cheesy effects, but The Giant Spider is something more. This is the biggest Mihmverse yet. The cast is huge and he uses archival military footage to add to the drama. This looks and feels like The Blob or Them. If you dig that kind of thing, it's great. We'll keep watching Mihm's movies as long as he keeps making them. Will I catch The Giant Spider again? I don't know, which means I'm gonna give it a Bad. However, we're adjusting for inflation here in The Basement. Seeing this at the drive-in back in the 50s would have been a blast!

Shawn: This is why we have faith in B movies. I keep saying that one day The Asylum is going to get it right, make that wicked killer flick. I'm NOT adjusting for inflation when I say Christopher R Mihm’s The Giant Spider is that flick, for me. I enjoyed every moment and think that Mihm is on the right track to asskickery. He is in a unique position, where he has some technological advantages over the 50’s films, but uses them in a very subtle way. His movies keep improving and we hope he keeps making them forever . . . Haha. Nostalgic and fun . . . and kudos to the Giant Spider with the movable eyeballs . . . As someone with arachnophobia, this was ridiculously awesome. A Good from me.

Doll Boy

Jason: A dark, twisted, depraved and surreal ride. One I had a hell of good time with despite all the gruesome goings on. My hat's off to Bloody Bill, the mad genius who wrote and directed Doll Boy plus the pair of great grindhouse trailers that opened the flick. Part of what makes Doll Boy so effective is the darkness of it all. We, along with the victims, are tossed into a nightmare world of grisly, fucked up visuals and violence. And Doll Boy is a frightening character who knows how to wield a mean sledgehammer. This sledgehammer causes some brilliant carnage. Doll Boy is an awesome horror debut by a man who's work I look forward to following. I don't know if Doll Boy would be as effective as a feature film, but I'd love to see Bill try. Good!

Shawn: Are you serious? WOW. I watched, in 28 minutes, what some feature length horror movies cannot do in two hours. Lines were crossed, skulls were crushed and all Basement-style enjoyment. I dug the hell out of this short and hope to see much more by Bloody Bill and his folks. Pure entertaining awesomeness! Haha! Another Good and thanks for the coloring boooook!
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