Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Last Stand and Shawn.

Is Arnold back??  Well, I took in The Last Stand recently; I can say that he is. ISH.

Obviously I wasn’t expecting a muscle bound, violent ass kicker of an Arnold. Those days are far behind him. As he approaches senior citizen status, the role he played here, was very interesting.

It was as if every character he ever played was a part of this older, wiser and more frail, Arny (Sheriff Ray Owens).

He slid into this “aged” role very well. He kicked a lot of ass, (in an old man way) and glimmers of his golden era poked through his rougher, aged and more weathered exterior.

This wasn’t the greatest story ever told, but it was a very smooth ride and delivered the "stuff" where it needed to.

I enjoyed the movie as a non-thinking, good old action flick. Yeah, there were some dumb parts, but this IS an Arny movie. I wouldn’t expect any less.   

Of the returning old action stars hitting the big screen, (aside from Expendables) this has been one of my favourite ones. I’m giving it a Good, because like any Arny movie, a true Basementite can’t just watch it once.  

He said “He’d be back!”

I add the “ISH." Ha ha.
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