Sunday, May 19, 2013

Psycho-thriller Rage of Innocence films this summer

We interrupt your long weekend for some news about a slick sounding psychological thriller that's scheduled to go before cameras this summer.

Veteran filmmaker Mark Pirro, writer/director of such cult classics as Deathrow Gameshow, Color-Blinded and the recent The God Complex, is ready to begin principal photography on Rage of Innocence.

The film centres on high school teacher Vincent Marsden (John McCafferty) as he begins a relationship with a female teacher only to discover her daughter Raven (Stef Dawson) is psychologically unbalanced. Raven's desire to stop Vincent from dating her mother escalates into a violent rage and dangerous web of lies and deceit that forces Vincent into a deadly game.

Think Fatal Attraction meets The Crush.

Sounds like a throwback to a type of horror flick we haven't seen in a while. And we in The Basement will be able to keep you in the loop as Rage of Innocence continues through production and distribution.

Wanna stay up to date on the flick? Check out its Facebook page and follow it on Twitter.

Source: Pirromount Pictures
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