Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grey's Anatomy star on for The Pact II

The Pact was a whole lot of awesome. I've said that time and time again. But we in The Basement aren't so sure about The Pact II. Mike S summed it up best, not every horror movie needs a sequel. This is true, as Black Dynamite likes to say.

However, you add a hot chick to the mix, and people will watch. This is also true, as Black Dynamite likes to say.

Word hit the Interwebs today that Grey's Anatomy star Camilla Luddington will spend her summer break from the medical melodrama as the lead in The Pact II, which starts shooting next month. She'll play June Abbott, a character plagued by nightmares about the Judas serial killer from the first movie.

Californication star Patrick Fischler has also been cast as an FBI profiler and Scott Michael Foster will play June's cop boyfriend.

No matter what we think of the concept, it is our duty to see this movie . . . so you don't have to. The Pact II is directed by Dallas Hallam and Patrick Horvath.

Source: Deadline
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