Friday, April 5, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus When the Lights Went Out and American Mary

When the Lights Went Out

Jason: This movie really had me up until the retarded, CGI-infested ending. Until then, When the Lights Went Out is a creepy, old-school haunted house story with three or four shorts shitting moments and some solid performance. Then poohville. Don't get me wrong; I did enjoy a lot of this flick. The paranormal sequences are genuinely creepy and unsettling. Ghost turning up in bed? Creepy. Menacing shape in the cellar? Creepy. I don't think I'll ever look at a swaying lamp the same way again. Had the conclusion been stronger, and more in line with the rest of the movie, then When the Lights Went Out would have rated a Good. As it is, it's a Bad. If you dig this kind of thing, give it a watch. It's an OK one-off.

Shawn: I was uninterested in this movie from the start. The era, the language, the setting. But 10 minutes in, shorts shat. Nice. The whole movie didn't feel like it should have done, what it did to me. It surprised the hell out of me, by changing my definition of a haunted house. Erasing any cliched thoughts of what a haunted house was supposed to look like. It wowed me with a few moments, where my "understanding" of the paranormal, was stretched. Finally, it made me think: "This is why I love watching movies!" Too bad the ending was cheesy and out of place. That does knock it into the Bad. Was it based on true events? Haha.

American Mary

Jason: A lot of pressure has been put on American Mary by us Basementites as the film has earned accolades on the film festival circuit but not been screened in The Basement until now. And we interviewed Jen and Sylvia Soska back in their Dead Hooker in a Trunk days when American Mary was still in the editing bay. So does the movie live up to its hype? Yes and no. Truth is, I'm left a bit cold by the movie yet really dug it at the same time. On the one hand it's a titch too long. On the other, I was fascinated by it. It's gruesome, but not a straight-up horror movie. It's funny, but not really a comedy. And it's jet black serious, but not a drama. This is an intelligent, darkly funny and often disturbing movie. It's well acted, with Katherine Isabelle -- who was so good in Ginger Snaps -- holding the film together. I could go on, but suffice to say this is a solid effort from our favourite raunchy broads. I'm giving it a Good, would highly recommend it for Basement Dwellers and even serious moviegoers, and will watch it again.

Shawn: Not even close to what I was expecting. I was entirely blown away by everything that I saw, that transpired in this flick. The Twisted Twins have come a very long way since last I watched one of their flicks. And I dug them then.... This movie had everything, and it wasn't a horror, but what was it? I'm still trying to hash out my thoughts on what it was, but that isn't important. I dug it. From beginning to end. It was interesting, eerie, funny, strange and satisfying. I will gladly watch anything these ladies put out. Good from me.
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  1. No more siskel or Ebert. are you guys the future? do you only do crappy movies? your reviews are good tho. Entertaind

    1. Thanks Jared! We certainly hope we are the future :) We stick with B-movies for the most part, yes. But touch on mainstream stuff from time to time! Stop back often bro - Jason