Monday, March 18, 2013

The Basement store is now open!

Have you ever listened to our weekly radio show/podcast and thought, I'd like a piece of that? Well, now you can!

That's right, The Basement has some gear for your credit holes. Hats, shirts, hoodies, mugs, buttons. You name, we got it.

And there's more to come, bitches! Want a shirt with a fave Basement saying like "Tits and glory," "Shorts shitting entertainment," or "Bad to the ass"? Stick with us!

Know someone with a birthday on the horizon? Looking to get your Christmas shopping out of the way early? Just like to buy shit? Check out our Basement gear by clicking here or on the widget to your right. Sure, it's not the fanciest shop . . . yet. But the products are solid.

Thanks to the folks at for making this happen. This is just the beginning.

Source: We Came from the Basement: The Shop
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