Monday, March 18, 2013

Shawn and Wreck-It Ralph

Some more good news for Basement Dwellers. As we age we decide to grow little humans. These little humans are expected to be entertained. So as my little humans grow, very quickly, they also ascend to higher and higher ratings in the movie world.

This is pretty OK news for me too. No more direct learning, puppet, adventuring, counting every goddamned thing, every minute of every show/movie we watch together on movie nights. In spite of my claims, I can count AND read. So there! I just don't have to like it.

What I did like, was Wreck-It Ralph. An adventure about a video game villain, who isn't really that bad of a guy, seeking honor and likeability. It took me back to my video game days successfully. Then it entertained my kids with the styles portrayed in the games they now play. All on a moral, inspiring lesson, of goodness and candy.  Let's not forget the military, blasting goo from freakish bugs, which blast there way out of eggs and wreak havoc on all they encounter. 

If you have kids that already know how to read, count, don't need to learn Spanish, or sing with purple pedophile dinosaurs, then movies like this are your next step. Me and my boys, gave it a Good while having a good time together. Awe.
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  1. I watched this today, myself. I couldn't help but enjoy it too. I'd give it a "Good" too. :)