Friday, March 8, 2013

Sevé Schelenz's "Skew" comes to DVD!

Hey, folks, got some news on a the DVD release of a film that was reviewed on the show last year as part of "Dark Fest 2012".  And it's not just national release news- but INTERNATIONAL release news!  Gotta love when movies we review go global, eh?

Anyways, Sevé Schelenz's cult horror movie, "Skew" hits the shelves in DVD format and Redbox on the 12th of March, 2013- with an iTunes release scheduled for April 2nd.  The Japanese release of this movie- with "Death Camera" being the title for that release, is to be the 5th of April, 2013.

Three friends are on a roadtrip to attend a wedding, with one of them bringing along a camera to record the fun.  Soon however, unexplainable images and events begin to tear the three friends apart and blurs the line between movie making and reality...

"Skew" has been shown at over 50 different film festivals- winning several wards.  It's won "Best Feature" (Nevada Film Festival), "Best Director" (Late Night Horror Film Festival) and "Indy Spirit Award" (Horrorfest).

Want to know Jay and Shawn's thoughts on this film?  Click HERE for their review.  Also, check out Mike S's thoughts from his review on "The Corner of Terror"!

For a taste of the horror goodness of "Skew", take a gander at the trailer below:

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