Sunday, March 10, 2013

No episode from The Basement this week

Just a quick note to say that, due to unforeseen circumstance, there will not be a new episode of Film Reviews from the Basement -- the official radio show/podcast of We Came from the Basement -- this week.

The fine folks at 92.5FM CFBX Kamloops will broadcast a rerun Thursday night, and again on Friday night and the Monday morning.

Seeing as how we don't apologize here in The Basement, I'll point out that there will be a new episode on March 21 that kicks off our final three broadcasts/podcasts of the season.

I, Jason, will be back along with reviews of the documentary The American Scream, the creature feature Hypothermia starring The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker, and a segment on A-level actors we'd like to see in B-movies.

Naturally, this site will be updated at least five times a week in the interim by yours truly and the one and only Mike S.

Stick with us!
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