Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mike S versus "The Prospector's Curse"

We've got a quick review of the short film "The Prospector's Curse" today for you. 

Two fugitives come across a dying prospector who asks them for a proper Christian burial.  Stealing his gold, the two ignore his request.  That night however, they find that keeping a promise is a good policy to have...

"The Prospector's Curse" was written and directed by Josh Heisie, and stars Robert Nolan, David Roberts, and Johnny Quinn.  Heisie has stated that this is actually just the first of a series of shorts that will focus on various horror themes- thrillers, creature features, and slasher films.

If they're as fun to watch as this one was, I'm looking forward to a chance to watch the others.  The premise is simple and effective- it could've supported a feature length storyline, actually.

I also liked the characters of "Tubby" and Smith.  They were unique and interesting.  I enjoyed the way these two characters interacted.  I wanted more of them.

As is often the case with short films, the acting was a bit over the top- and a little silly at times.  Having said that, I really did enjoy watching Roberts breath life into "Tubby".  I also thought that Quinn did a great job with the role of Smith as well.  Nolan was good as The Prospector- especially after he dies.  The remaining cast looked their parts too, and tried to create a real blend of personalities with the supporting characters.

There is some fantastic camera work in this short film.  Nothing fancy, but highly effective use of framing, angles, and lighting.  The play of light and shadow was great.  I also felt that the make-up on The Prospector's corpse was great, and the blood usage looked awesome to me.

I'm going to have to give "The Prospector's Curse" a Good- and say that I'll be looking forward to more from Heisie.

Check out the trailer below for a taste of this fun short film.

The Prospector's Curse - Trailer from Josh Heisie on Vimeo.

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