Monday, January 21, 2013

Girl's Eye View: Top 5 male genre hotties

Allow me to quickly introduce myself: My name is Kara, and I live over at . I have no experience in the movie industry, other than watching and appreciating them. I thought I would offer up my movie reviewing skills, or lack thereof, to The Basement to give readers a female perspective on movies, new, old, good, and bad. 

Hey Basement Dwellers! So, after seeing Jason and Shawn’s Top 5 picks for genre hotties, you don’t think I could let them get away without mentioning the male version, could you? Didn’t think so! (Not that I don’t appreciate a gorgeous woman, and I know you men have man crushes!)

I know there has to be some lady readers out there, so without further adieu, here’s my Top 5 male genre hotties:

5. Bruce Willis. He’s pushing 60, but he will KICK YOUR ASS.

4. Timothy Olyphant. His hotness is justified (pun very well intended).

3. Thomas Jane as the Punisher. Nothing says hot like a pissed off man out for a vengeance.

2. Gerard Butler. Making loincloths look good since 2006.

1. Jason Statham. I don’t have enough words for this man.

So, there you have it. You’re welcome.

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