Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eli Roth's Netflix series Hemlock Grove gets a trailer

The man behind Cabin Fever and Hostel, Eli Roth, isn't one to sit still. He's got a lead role in the upcoming earthquake thriller Aftershock AND he's executive producer on the first original series for Netflix, Hemlock Grove.

In a nutshell, the 13-episode series takes place in the small town of Hemlock Grove, where a girl is murdered. With the cops fresh out of clues, two young men, one a gypsy drifter and one an heir to a family fortune, decide to find the killer themselves.

Kinda looks like Twin Peaks meets True Blood. But with Roth on board -- he directs the pilot episode by the way -- this could be a decent horror outing for the small screen. And one can't knock the presence of the lovely Famke Janssen (pictured above) either. 

Take a peep at the trailer, and ready your Netflix subscription, Hemlock Grove begins Friday, April 19.

Kudos to YouTube and Netflix for the news.

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