Monday, January 14, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks The Expendables 3

Sadly, not with us. Being up in good 'ole small city Canada, we don't get out much. One day, when we've got a budget and the time, it would be awesome to partake in some of these Q&As. One day . . .

But The Terminator did sit down with Harry Knowles and his crew at Ain't It Cool News for a Q&A about his upcoming flick The Last Stand. Knowles, one of the pioneers of the Internet movie news universe, held a screening of Schwarzenegger's latest with a chat afterward.

Below are the last couple minutes of that conversation, when Arnold talks about The Expendables 3 and two other upcoming movies, The Tomb and Ten. We hope he doesn't mind us posting it here for your ear holes.

Speaking of Q&As, our bud Jon Cross over at the After Movie Diner took part in a screening of John Dies at the End and a question and answer with director Don Coscarelli and co-star Paul Giamatti. You can hear all about it on his latest episode of The Diner.

 We review John Dies at the End on our Jan. 24 episode. The Last Stand opens Friday.

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