Sunday, December 16, 2012

War of the Worlds: Countdown to Extinction 5


As we get down to the nitty gritty, the last 5 days of doom, we're gonna get serious. How serious? Scientology . . . er Tom Cruise serious!

War of the Worlds. Aliens come, kick our asses, leaving little hope for our survival. Stephen Hawking, from his chair of prophecy, thinks an outcome such as this is possible. Why not the Mayan's? That is WHY their calendar ended, right?  Doooooom.

Too bad for the aliens that our boogers are toxic to them. 

Anyways, really dug this 2005 version, the remake of the movie (1954) based on Orson Wells' panic-inducing radio broadcast, in 1938. 

I think, I would have enjoyed the radio broadcast, more than I enjoyed either movie. Not knowing it was a hoax, would have tested my psyche, would have let me know whether I was a true shorts shitter or brave!
I watched both the 2005 and 1954 version, more than once, giving both a Good in their own right.
I'm POSITIVE that the Mayan's are straight up "shorts shitters". Just hoping to return the favour, for us. Haha. IN FIVE DAYS....

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