Friday, December 28, 2012

The first six minutes of Maniac

That's the one starring Elijah Wood and written by Alexandre Aja, not the notorious 1981 slasher pic from William Lustig, because that would be oh so retro.

All involved seem to be fans of first-person slasher movies, as the entire sequence pretty much focuses on Wood's stalk and kill of a victim from his point of view. It's good. Nothing new, but I dig this kind of thing. Can't say it's sold me on the whole movie, but I mind not posting it here.

What's it all about? The owner of a mannequin shop (Wood) develops a dangerous obsession with a young artist . . . one that sends him on a killing spree.

No word yet on when Maniac hits our shores, but it's scheduled for release some time next year.

Thanks to Arrow in the Head for digging up the video.

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