Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The End Will Be Back: The Terminator


Let's jump into the future. Folks, any way you look at it, we are doomed.

After our machines become sentient, they decide to wipe out humans, with a full nuclear strike.

A band of survivors rise up to fight. The machines send a robot "terminator" into the past, to eliminate the mother of the  leader of the resistance, before the end actually happens.

The resistance (John Connor) also sends back a warrior to protect his mother. Not even knowing that he is his father.

Did the Mayans predict this battle?  If the circumstances to this movie exist at all, that must mean, that The Terminator (Schwarzenegger) failed, and nothing changed. Everything must happen on schedule.

A never ending loop of the end. Or something.

"I'll Be Back" with more end of the world reviews. For at least 17 more days anyways.


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