Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our watery end . . . Waterworld

After the tragic events in the U.S. yesterday, I decided to take a day off from reminding the world that it is ending in under a week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the community of Newtown, Connecticut. 

Kevin Costner. Some would say that Waterworld was not only an "apocalyptic" ish movie, but the beginning of the end of Costner's career.
Perhaps the Mayan's saw that one coming. 

I don't think Waterworld was the end of his career. I liked it. Polar ice caps melted, turning the world as we know it, into one big ocean. Swell. (heh) 

It has been sooo long since the "flood," people are evolving gills. Cool. 

I dug Waterworld, and admire Costner for accepting a role like that. It must have been tough. Haha.

The Mayans give us six more days. Will we flood? Stock up on oil, bitches. For it is your savior. hahaha


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