Friday, December 7, 2012

Live Free or Die Hard: review of the apocalypse


When the end of the world happens, maybe, it will just be the end of the world as we know it.  

It might be hard, for some, to connect Die Hard with the Mayans. But the end of a calandar can mean SOO many things.

Bruce Willis kicked off this whole apocalyptic countdown with 12 Monkeys and he is back now, as John McClane. He chases down the "bad guys", as they attempt to crash our advanced "civilization", by knocking out the very technology that we have come to rely on for day to day everything.  Essentially, hard rebooting the world, as we know it.  

This movie sticks out from the other Die Hard movies. I guess McClane is no longer an "ordinary" guy. Taking on fighter jets, etc. WAAAY over the top. But still cool. Despite this, "over-the-top" action, I 've watched this movie a few times.  So it is a Good.

The end can come in many different forms, depending on a person's interpretation of the Mayans' prophecies and ended calendar. Regardless of your interpretation, the end of this calendar, is in 14 days. We'll be back, with more ways to die, and so will Bruce Willis. That morbid bastard. Stick with us.


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