Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dawn of the Dead: 13 days and counting...


Ahh, the lucky 13. That is how many days are left until the Mayans predicted that hell would overflow. Or something like that . . . or not even like that at all.

One couldn't count down to an apocalypse, without George A Romero, at the helm. Dawn of the Dead, a classic zombie movie, THE classic zombie movie, that really pushed to have this idea as a household understanding.

This movie is really quite inferior now, by today's standards, after watching it again. I still give it a Good, just because I've watched it. A lot.

It is a good starting point for the beginner zombie watcher. Gives you the basis, of what to put in your arsenal of weapons, in case the Mayans were thinking zombie apocalypse.

WE are all metaphorical zombies, sitting in our safe houses, believing December 21, 2012 will come and go without incident. Aren't we? Haha. Guess we'll find out in 13 days. Stick with us.


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