Sunday, December 2, 2012

Countdown to the End: Reign Of Fire


That is how many days are left until the Mayan's predicted that building a subway would awaken ancient dragons, ending earth as we know it.

Well, not really. 

This is a future after the dragons have burned almost everything to ash. That is what they do. Then Hibernate until the Earth replenishes itself. Just ask the Dinosaurs.

Dragons are fucking cool. This movie was a nice take on dragons, but there wasn't enough of them, in my opinion. That is just me. I still keep this movie close and watch it often.

Even convince your wives to watch this movie as it has Christian Bale, Gerard Butler and Matthew McConaughey. Haha. Take in some good post apocalyptic doom!

I dug this movie a lot. I think most Basementites would agree that this would be a cool way to spend your post apocalypse, fighting dragons, to survive. A Good!


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