Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012. This. Is. It.



This is it, Basementites, the end of the world. Yours and my LAST day, as we know it.

2012 is a movie specifically dedicated to tomorrow's date. 12-21-12. A lot of this movie was filmed in my back yard, here in Kamloops, British Columbia. Mostly the "Yellowstone" segments,  and Chinese labour camp. Cool indeed. So we in The Basement, are directly connected to this homage, to tomorrows DOOOOM.

This movie was done by the Emmerich brothers, who love to make end-time movies (The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day and a whole bunch more), and also love to start by destroying the U.S. Haha.

Lots of sciency, nerdy, explanations for this one. Neutrinos from the sun interact with the core, heating it, melting the mantle, causing all kinds of chaos and end-times shit. All the technology in the world and the Mayan's saw this coming, 5000 years agoish. The Mayan's. This movie ends the Countdown to Extinction. As tomorrow is D-day. 

Will you be doing anything special tonight? Will you be doing anything special on the 22nd? I, personally, do not believe the end is neigh. I will live today as I have yesterday and will seek comfort, knowing that I have lived my life with little regret, in case tomorrow truly is the end.

Good luck, Basementites. We will see you soon. Whether on this blog, or, on the other side.


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