Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The end is near with Maximum Overdrive

Who doesn't remember the clown faced RIG? Also, the end isn't quite the end, without Stephen King.

Another comet comes close to earth, but doesn't smack it.  Instead, the tail dust emits a radiation, bringing machines to life. The machines are homicidal. Why wouldn't they be?  Can the human race survive the eight days in the tail of this comet?

This movie involved AC/DC's Who Made Who album as the entire soundtrack.  his album kicked ass and so did the movie.

I dug the hell out of this movie. Loved some of the machines' kills. Lawn mowers, vehicles, pop machine (fantastic), and an electric knife goes on the attack. There are quite a few more than that.

 Survival turns into a bit of slavery when the machines discover humans are needed to fuel them up!

In the end you can't be as smart as a human. We already know the end it coming.  Dec 21, 2012. Stay tuned for more end of the world!

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