Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Devil Inside...and Shawn

Jay and I don't normally "do" a lot of bigger budget movies here in The Basement. They aren't our focus, however, we do still watch them when we can. We might also side track and discuss them on our radio show, at, or write a small review here. Just to let Basementites know what we thought.

Recently, the halloween season inspired me to watch lots of horror movies. Actually, it had nothing to do with Halloween. I watch them anyway.

The Devil Inside was a bigger budget "found footage" movie. I really, really don't like found footage flicks most of the time. Maybe the bigger budget helped here 'cause I didn't mind it so much.

The Devil Inside was creepy as fuck. But the movie as a whole, wasn't skirt blowing. That said, Susan Crowley who played the "possessed" Maria Rossi, absolutely blew my mind. Without her, this movie would have suffered a bad, maybe even an Ugly.  But I am more than willing to endure her insanity again, so must give it a Good.


  1. I could not finish this movie...Maria Rossi was fun to watch though.

  2. Jason here: Have not seen it myself, but will have to give it a watch now. Thanks for commenting!