Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shawn's Countdown Continues with Mars Attacks

What happens when Tim Burton takes on an Alien invasion?

Mars Attacks!  That's what!

This is on the fun side of an earth-altering alien invasion!  It was fun, less serious and just enough violence to keep it out of ridiculousness.

It must be awesome to gather so many talented actors and let them have fun on the set of something like this. Jack Nicholson was funny as shit! 

This was a rad little movie, I've watched it several times.  Especially when the mayhem and serious tones of all the other apocalyptic movies start to drain on me. haha.

This is a GOOD, fun movie.  It is silly but there is enough entertainment value, to not feel violated, after watching it.

As the Mayan calendar counts down, to its end, this would be a fun way to celebrate.

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