Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shawn Continues the Countdown To Extinction with Impact

I missed my apocalyptic post for yesterday and will make up for that, with two, today.

Haven't seen Natasha Henstridge in much these days, but she is still very hot. And she is in this.

This was a 2 x 90 min part mini series made for T.V. and a bit more "sciency" than I'm used to. But it still had earth's impending doom, cool effects as the earth as the moon approached, and some decent acting.

Basically, a meteor shower, including a "brown dwarf" crashes into the moon, changing the orbit and weight of it, putting it on a collision course with earth.

I liked this two parter. I don't know how strong the science is, but love it when a movie can find scientific reasons for the impending apocalypse.

They have 40 days to change the moons trajectory. Otherwise "WHAM". No more us. Cool as fuck.
Even for two parts, of 90 minutes a piece, this held my interest for the entirety. Perhaps it is my love for the extinction of cinematic humanity. Or perhaps it was just a decent little flick. I will go with the ladder.

A Good from me as I've watched it a couple times. If you are a disastermovieaholic, check it out!

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