Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maria Bello joins Jame Wan's House of Horrors

Actually, that headline is a bit misleading. The film isn't called House of Horrors anymore. It's called Untitled, as in there is currently no title for this movie. But it used to be called House of Horrors. So there.

And James Wan isn't directing. He's producing. But, I guess it is technically HIS film.

Anyway, Maria Bello does star as a police psychologist who is investigating the horrific murders of five college students in a decrepit, abandoned home. One of the survivors tells 5-0 the victims were a group of ghost hunters, and the murders had nothing to do with the people involved, but the house itself.

Sounds good, and Wan does know his horror. The flick will be directed by Will Canon and filming is scheduled to begin in Baton Rouge in January. Dimension Films will release the picture, and hopefully find it a name.

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