Friday, November 2, 2012

Jason and Shawn review The Shadow of Death and Backslasher

The Shadow of Death

Shawn: Like Backslasher this is low budget and British. But with better kills and a cohesively put together, alright story… However, I don’t know how many people can fall in the woods and hit their heads on a rock. I mean, really. Every cast member in this flick was casted by showing how well they could bounce their heads off a rock. That, isn’t good.

That said, there were some cool kills. SOOOPER SPECIAL CONSTABLE. Lol. Delta force 86, hello? Send Chuck Norris!!!!! Haha.

“The Peacemaker”. Trivia: Where is this gem from? Email us at and, if you get it right, we'll say your name on the air.

Epic. Good

Jason: In his own words, writer/director Gav Chuckie Steel (great name by the way) made this movie for less money than it cost to go on a vacation and around his work and family's schedule. In that sense, he operates much like we do in The Basement. I respect that.

This is actually a pretty damn good movie, when all is said and done. More than seven people get killed during it's running time, and the deaths are creative and bloody. The three leading ladies are hot AND there's a sense of fun to proceedings. Groovy.

The Shadow of Death isn't perfect. But I had fun with it and would recommend any aspiring filmmaker watch it. And yeah, I'd watch it again, if even to show people that you can make a movie, God damn it! A Good.


Shawn: Thank you for letting us at least see the hot chick’s titties. Briefly. Far too brief to make up for anything else in this movie. I’m not going to be polite just because the director sent us the movie. I’m going to hit it as though I accidentally watched it!

The idea wasn’t original, but may have been doable. But everything else was very VERY ugly. Plot holes, bad acting, bad framing, bad editing….  I could go on and on and on. I didn’t enjoy anything in this movie, save for the boobies. But I can get that ANYWHERE else and not have to endure as bad a storyline.

Thank you for the boobs. Ugly. 

Jason: Backslasher does have one thing working in its favour, one thing that saves it from being a total disaster -- all the actresses are damn hot. And some of them get naked. I'm particularly pleased that we got to see leading lady Eleanor James's boobs. Very nice.

But I digress. This is a terrible, terrible, terrible movie. It's shot on video and you can tell. The sound mix is awful, the camera work questionable and the editing piss poor. I feel bad from writer/director Tim Cowles because there's the seed of a good idea here, but the execution is bunk.

Shawn, Anthony Michael Bosa and I made better movies back in the day with our shitty VHS camera. And they are sitting in a box somewhere. This is getting a DVD release. Shame. An Ugly from me.


  1. Wow, interesting, in-depth review and analysis. You guys are definitely on the right track in life.

  2. We prefer to think of ourselves as shallow and easy to please.