Friday, November 9, 2012

Jason and Shawn review: Beyond the Grave and Iron Sky

Beyond the Grave

Jason: Take Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, mix in some Night of the Living Dead and toss in a nod or two to The Road Warrior and you've got an idea of what Beyond the Grave is all about.

This flick feels more like a fever dream or nightmare than an actual movie. It holds you at arm's length, never fully letting you engage in it, but gives you enough bizarre and cool shit to hold your interest for the running time.

I found the final five minutes -- when the hero is SPOILER ART possessed by the villain -- especially terrifying. The rest of the movie isn't particularly exciting nor boring. It just is. And I had a hard time figuring out what was going on. Once I did, I enjoyed Beyond the Grave enough to give it a Bad. This isn't a trip I need to take twice.

Shawn: Hey, zombie movie international! Low, low budget international. 

Let me tell you, this was no Horde… It felt like the Road Warrior for approximately 0.9876789 seconds. However, it is almost impossible to screw up a zombie movie, regardless of your budget. If you kill zombies, you get “critic” points. 

The main character in this was my BIGGEST gripe. He was awkward, clumsy and could barely fight. Yet he kept beating up people AND zombies. I thought that if he and the black guy had switched roles, this might have fit better and made more sense. But zombie movie, black cop, bad ass yet mellow..I guess that is why they didn’t.

All and all, there were some bad cuts and it made the movie more confusing than it had to be, but whatever. I’ve seen way worse and way better. I am actually anxious to watch the sequel, just to see what improves.
If you are a zombie fan (from before it was cool and weren’t spoiled by The Walking Dead) then this is something a true fan needs to have in their brain for a watch. Bad.

Iron Sky

Jason: If all Nazis looked as good as Julia Dietze the Allies might have been more willing to negotiate with Hitler during World War 2. She's the best special effect in the movie. Great accent, nice legs . . . Um. Happily married? Yup. But I notice these things.

This movie is a ton of living, breathing proof that escapism goes a long way. Sure, Iron Sky is a sharp satire about America, politics and war, but it's also a fuck of a lot of fun. It's entertaining, isn't ashamed to be entertaining, and emerges as one of the most enjoyable movies I've watched in a long time.

Kudos to to director Timo Vuorensola, who made a $7 million movie look as good as a $100 million Hollywood effort. Shame on you, Hollywood. Shame. This movie kicked your ass! We don't need your pretentious, overblown bullshit!

Some of Iron Sky is pretty gonzo but, for the most part, it's a great ride. And one I want to take again and again. A Good from me.

Shawn: Are you kidding me!?! Holy shit, Nazis from the moon! Lol. In true conspiracy fashion, there is always a side story that can be made into a movie, without offending and reminding of the atrocities that happened.

By that I mean, this movie was along the same lines and Mars Attacks. It was silly, yet serious enough to provide some ridiculous entertainment and special effects! Yeah, that’s right. It’s no Gandhi or On Golden Pond, but at least OUR listeners won't fall asleep and want to blow their brains out by the end. Grab a sense of humor and enjoy this movie, because it is a Good!

Julia Deitze has not only become my favorite hottie actress, but she performed as well as Christoph Waltz did in Inglorious Basterds! In fact, the acting was spot on, the graphics and special effects were eye candy and the story was easily swallowed in a Mars Attacks style, but a tad less silly.

Hate me for loving it. But I did. Good

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