Thursday, November 15, 2012

Grave Encounters 2 and Maximum Conviction

The Vicious Brothers' found-footage flick Grave Encounters is one of the finest horror movies of the last couple of years. It's witty, well acted, expertly executed and creepy as fuck. And it prompted The Basement to coin the phrase Shorts Shitting Entertainment. You owe us a nickle for every time you say that, by the way.

A sequel was inevitable given the film's success. This time, the brothers take a meta approach, implying that Grave Encounters is just a film and the events in this follow-up are inspired by it. Or something like that. The brothers also turned the directing duties over to John Poliquin and instead focused on writing the script.

Now it must be asked, how does Grave Encounters 2 stand up? That's a question Jason and Shawn intend to answer tonight as the movie is placed on the chopping block. Good, Bad or Ugly? Stick with us!

Then, if you thought the Basement Dwellers were all out of Fat Steven Seagal jokes, think again. The boys take on the latest effort from the 80s martial arts/action icon, Maximum Conviction. His guest star isn't the expected bucket or chicken either. Seagal has Stone Cold Steve Austin by his side, so who knows? Could be a winner. Or not.

You can find out at 10 p.m. PST at 92.5FM CFBX Kamloops and online at And follow along to the mad tweets of Mike S of The Corner of Terror on Twitter! We promise you that you won't have to think too hard for the hour we're on the air.

Note: there will be no show next week, Nov. 22, as Jason is busy getting himself killed in Montreal on the set of Billy Trigger with John Fallon and Fred Williamson. We'll be back Nov. 29 with a full report.

Now some previews, previews, previews!

Grave Encounters 2

Maximum Conviction

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